The adventurer’s arrived in Mordalin. The adventurer’s discover that the Eladrin children in the city have been disappearing. Shieliss and Ghesh go and talk tot he governor Erevon. Then they go and visit Nairvara who then informs the party that she suspects the Tiefling in the town Melech. He is not only a dark person, but he also owns a house of pleasure. The adventurer’s wait for nightfall and visit this house of pleasure. Rogar pays out 200gp for Melech’s “services” and the others decline his offer and tell him that they will meet him the next morning to gain information about the disappearances from him. Arcturus then sees a shadowy figure run off in the distance. He chases it down to a cave. The party enters the cave and gets caught in the trap blocking the entrance, alerting the people within. The party is then attacked, the attackers quickly retreat back through a portal after the first assault. The party follows through the portal and are ambushed. After a long and difficult battle the party pulls through victoriously, but the leader of the cult (who is currently unnamed) runs through the portal to report the loss to her master. The cult consisted of Shadar-kai and the markings on their body that are normally dedicated to a god were unrecognizable to the adventurers.


Dear Journal, today has been interesting. So after we save Arcadia from the cult who was sacrificing children they threw us a party and what a party it was. The whole town worshiped us. That is the least they could do since I almost died saving that brat but at least I got some gems from all of it. Well the next day we head out of town and we go and make our way to some town further south. I believe this town is called Wellspring, well as we make our way there we come across a white dragon. He or She or whatever said he works for his master that damned blood mage. OK you know what after fighting all these dragons and junk that blood mage better have some really shiny items that I can take but have to make sure that Shilas and Dragonborn dont see what I’m doing. Anyways we killed it of course but two things. First I toppled another dragon. At this rate I should be called Rogar the dragontoppler and two I almost died again for the third time. First time was fighting a red dragon, which I also topped over, second time was fighting the cultist and now this dragon. I am either resilient for not dying or I’m one lucky bastard. Anyways,


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