After saving the village of Arcadia and spending a day with the down relaxing and celebrating, the party continued on its journey to Wellspring to meet with the Paladin Heskan. On the road to Wellspring a white dragon that was patrolling the area found them. After slaying the white dragon, two more dragons approached from the distance causing the party to run the rest of the way to Wellspring. They are now resting in the inn at Wellspring, waiting for the morning and the audience with Lord Criswell.


I’m so gla’ tha’ I cou’ be o’ ‘elp ta Arcadia. I’m sorry i couldn’ save the res’ but it was good ta know evrethin’s gonna be alrigh’. I ‘ave removed anotha’ dragon from the world and soon the world will know me as Sheiliss dragonslayer.


We finished helping the people of the eladrin town. They really seemed to be thankful, though Im glad to be away from those strange people. Anyway, we kept going to find that paladin, and we were stopped by a magnificent white dragon. Unfortunately he seemed determined to fight us, so we had to destroy him. Maybe he and the other dragons we’ve been fighting are being controlled by the blood mage. Nevertheless, I tried to salvage as much of the beast that I could, before we heard more dragons on the horizon. In no shape to fight, we fled until we reached the city. They are a scared group, and wary of our party. My wolves made them especially scared, so I had to stay with them outside of the town.


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