After a nights rest at the Blue Plate, the part decides to explore Wellspring. Once they walk outside they hear screams and see Grells who are attacking the pilgrims near Estred’s statue. After defeating the grell’s, they watched as Diedre healed the injured pilgrims and the injured party members. After explaining that the grell were after the Tear of Ioun, she brought the party to meet lord Criswell. The party was then tasked with retrieving the Tear of Ion. On their journey they noticed some humanoids hiding in the bushes. They are now surrounded by them, with a Tiefling in the lead.


Dear Diary, I almost died again. AGAIN….this is really getting annoying.


Got up, went into town to find armorer. Fought some floating squid-brains. Found armorer, gonna make me hide armor. Went with friends to find a temple, found some people hiding from us. I wonder if they will try to fight us…


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