After killing the undead in front of the tower, the party began debating if they should walk through the front doors of the tower, or try adventuring through the cave. The party then opened the front doors the a very unpleasant sight, the room was covered with Stirge guano, and there was a stirge swarm in one corner, and a statue on the other. The party sent Rhogar in first, who was then promptly ambushed by the ‘statue,’ the stirge swarm, and the mutated dwarf on the other side of the doorway. The party went in to help him, but could not make it in time to save him. After the battle finished, a sense of realism struck the party, and they went to bury Rhogar’s body, and prepare for their next entry into the tower.


Rest in Peace Rogar. Perhaps it was not the best idea to send him in first. I had been noticing lately that he was very weak and frail and easily hurt. But I guess I had always just thought that he was tougher than that. The whole fight was revolting and Disgusting, there was not enough soap in the world after that fight.


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