Sheiliss Skyjewel

the most epic bard ever to have even been thought of much less existed


At this point in the game he is middle-aged, somewhere in his late forties. He appears very outdoorsy and tan due to his new fondness for woodlands and being outside. He has light brown hair that is beginning to be streaked with gray, especially at the temples. He has light blue eyes that sparkle with merriment most of the time. He has a music notes tribal band on his right arm. He is of average height but has a light build. He tries to keep his clothes in fashion but he has a fondness for the clothing that was in fashion when he was captured.


Sheiliss was born in the small rural village of Roan. He was the youngest of five brothers born to the lord of the area. Because he had little to no chance of inheriting his father’s land, he decided to pick up a trade. He did not want to go into the clergy like his brother Liam and was unsure as to what to do. One day while he was shopping in the town market he met a traveling bard named Finn. He ended up spending the day listening to Finn’s stories. He loved the stories and the tales of adventure, especially the ones about Finn himself and all the trouble he managed to get in and out of. He decided that day that he would be a bard. However, his father wouldn’t hear of it. He felt that bard was not an appropriate career for his son. But Sheiliss was determined and when Finn continued on Sheiliss left with him, much to Finn’s dismay. Finn’s life of adventuring was slightly cramped for a while by Sheiliss but eventually the elder bard got used to him and began to train him to be a bard. Sheiliss never went back. Eventually Finn’s adventuring caught up to him and he died, leaving Sheiliss to make his own way. He became a fairly successful and well known bard. However, one day he was traveling from Namor to Aria and decided his quickest route would be by cutting through Hel. One night he stopped at an inn and while he was sleeping he was kidnapped by a psychotic gnome who (probably falsely) claimed to be the King of Hel. The gnome led him through a labyrinth of tricks and traps and various mindgames. Sheiliss did really well but quickly grew tired of it. At one point he refused to go any further and continue to play the gnome’s twisted game. He stopped at a point of the labyrinth which appeared to be a forest and out of stubbornness on both sides, he stayed there for 23 years. With only the occasional other kidnapped visitor to talk to, Sheiliss quickly lost much of his social skills but gained a lot of skill in woodland survival and eventually even grew fond of his woodland home which was safe and always had nice weather but was slightly boring. Then one day a group of kidnapped adventurers came upon Sheiliss in his woodland home and decided to rescue him. They refused to let him stay there and eventually talked him into leaving. Sheiliss came to find that there was only one other obstacle to face. After that he was finally free and entered into the world again with this new group of adventurers. He aided them in their mission and traveled with them. As he traveled he quickly realized that his name had vanished from the world. He had to set about regaining it all over again. When he had finished seeing the adventurers on their way he set out to regain the life of adventure which had been lost to him. At one point he heard about this land which had been overrun by a skull lord. He quickly went to the area thinking it would be a great topic for an epic ballad, only to find that some lame adventuring party had killed his ballad maker. He decided that the best thing to do now was to follow this party and hope they would lead him to more ballad material.

Sheiliss Skyjewel

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