Jaynk, the tank, is a warden. He likes the cold, and likes a challenge.


Jaynk is big, even for a goliath. He is 7’8”, 320 lbs, 30 years old and bald. He wears hide armor made from a polar bear, a light shield, wields a throwing hammer named ‘Bolt’, and a warhammer named ‘Avalanche’.

80hp + 24AC(without mods)= Tank? (+11)ATK + (1d10 + 9)DMG= Striker? (AOE attack powers * 4) + slowing abilities= Controller?

Hes a Strankoller! ( striker + tank + controller)


Jaynk was born on a tall, cold, mountain to a small family of Goliaths that lived there. He grew up to be as tall and cold as the mountain, living off the land and helping his family survive the brutal winters, fighting the occasional orc raider or wandering giant. In his past-time he would see how long he could stand outside in the cold, especially during storms and blizzards, which were plenty. Once, while Jaynk had been hunting lower on the mountain for a couple days, there was a great quake in the ground. The top of the mountain erupted with a great explosion, covering Jaynk with ash and snow. By the time it all cleared, Jaynk saw that the top half of the mountain was gone, along with his family. So, he started to wander the world, looking for something else to call home.

Jaynks life on the mountain was simple, but not easy. His family, which consisted of his younger brother, Dank, and aging father and mother, worked together on surviving the mountains harsher elements. Jaynk and Dank spent lots of time together, hunting and entertaining themselves by having contests for things like seeing who could endure a blizzard the longest, or race from the bottom of the mountain to the top.


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